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Turing Phone with Dual Snapdragon 830s, 12 GB RAM And 60 MP Rear Camera

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Credit : Turin Cadenza

Lately Smartphones developers are not easing up when it comes how powerful these phone can be. And one of such phone’s with unbelievable  specs is the Turing Cadenza Phone. Turing announced a new smartphone that comes with very powerful specifications that are almost too insane for us to believe in.

Dubbed Turing Phone Cadenza, the handset is powered by not one but two Snapdragon 830s processors that are paired with 12 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage. If you thought that the size of the phone would be big, you would be surprised to hear it has a 5.8-inch Quad HD. It has a 100 Wh battery with Graphene and hydrogen fuel cells.

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The Sailfish OS-based Turing Phone offers secure software combined with a proprietary liquid-metal alloy chassis that’s touted to be stronger than aluminum and steel. The phone was initially slated to launch last year, but ran into significant delays, with the first wave of pre-orders going out in July. Turing Robotic Industries, the company behind the phone,has detailed plans for its 2017 handset, the Cadenza. The company is looking to integrate artificial intelligence to “dramatically improve our day to day mobile communication,” promising specs that sound far too good to be true.

The rear camera has a 60-megapixel sensor, while there are two 20-megapixel front cameras. The Cadenza uses an unannounced operating system based on Sailfish that is called Swordfish OS. Hopefully this isn’t just another prank and the company really has plans to bring it to the market.

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The Cadenza’s Specifications

  • 5.8-inch (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) display
  • 2 Qualcomm Snapdragon 830s processors
  • 12GB RAM, 1TB storage (two 256GB memory, 500GB via micro-SD card)
  • Swordfish OS with deep learning (AI) features.
  • 60MP rear camera with iMAX 6K, triple lens
  • 20MP dual front cameras
  • 4 SIM cards, WiGig
  • 100Wh battery with graphene and hydrogen fuel cells
Tech-transforming-cosmetics-skin-wearables Cadenza
Credit : Turing Cadenza
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