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The best programming languages in the World Today

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According to Redmonk, new programming languages are invented every day and a few of them gain popularity to become programmers’ favorite. Some of them are able to pass the test time and establish themselves as an evergreen language.

To get an idea of the programming languages that continue to rule the web, you need to follow the latest trends that include the popularity of a programming language, job opportunities and demand, highest paying technologies etc.

For being included in this list, a programming language must be dominant and frequently used on GitHub and StackOverflow. Based on this data, here is the chart showing the top programming languages of 2016:lang.rank_top programming language

For more clarity, here’s the list of top 21 programming languages of 2016:

1. JavaScript
2. Java
3. PHP
4. Python
5. C#
5. C++
5. Ruby
8. CSS
9. C
10. Objective-C
11. Shell
12. R
13. Perl
14. Scala
15. Go
16. Haskell
17. Swift
18. Matlab
19. Visual Basic
20. Clojure 
20. Groovy

Taking a look at the list above of the top 21 programming languages of 2016, we observe that JavaScript continues to rule the web, followed by the programming languages Java and PHP.

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