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Download Torrent files with Internet download Manager (IDM)

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It is hard to download stuff online where almost all direct or torrent site are restricted by your systems administrator but not to worry Tech Habor has solutions for you.

1. ByteBX


Credit : Google
Credit : Google

ByteBX is a cloud storage service which lets you store files from the computer and also upload torrent files in its server. You can download the particular torrent after it is uploaded in its server. It has a free account which lets you store torrent files up to 2.5 GB. But the download speed comes with a limitation of 200KB/s.

2. ZbigZ

Credit : Zbixz

ZbigZ  used to provide unlimited download speed  two year back, but it has changed its speed restrictions to 150 KB/s. The main advantage of this site over others is you don’t need to sign up to download if you want to download for free.

3. BT Cloud

Credit : BTCloud

BTCloud is a cloud storage integrated with the global BitTorrent network. It comes with a free account which lets you upload 1 GB of torrent files and the download speed is unlimited.

4. Boxopus

Credit : Boxopus

The basic account is absolutely free. You can download a torrent file up to 512 MB in size with unlimited speed with a free account.

Disclaimer: Tech Habor does not advise anyone to download or distribute copyrighted material on the internet illegally.

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