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Facebook Messenger adds live video

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Facebook  is stepping  up their game  to establish dominance in the application development industry  and they have added a video feature to the  Messenger app.  With Google Duo on top of the fray, Facebook’s Messenger definitely won’t go down like that. But hey, Snapchat has it, so might as well bolt it on to Messenger.

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Credit : Google

To use instant video, you and your friend both need the latest version of Messenger on Android or iOS. From inside a conversation, tap the video icon in the top right corner of the app and you will begin broadcasting. For the recipient, the sound is off by default. As on Snapchat, the feature only works if both of you have the conversation open. You can always launch a regular video chat on Messenger if your friend isn’t currently looking at the chat. Your friend can share video back if they want.

Facebook Messenger has significantly more users than Snapchat, and I’m sure a healthy chunk of them will find instant video useful. For Snapchat, it’s another piece of evidence that Facebook sees it as an existential threat  and that the company will go to great lengths to blunt its momentum.

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