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Google Duo.. Breaking Barriers

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After just a week of going live, Google Duo seems to be breaking barriers into the highest ranked Apps.  Google Duo  is now the most downloaded free app in the Google Play Store.
To see this,  launch Google Play on your Android device, go the ‘Top Free’ section, and you’ll find that Google Duo is the no. 1 app in this category with Facebook Messenger and Pokemon Go following.
Given the strength of its competitors, it looks like Google Duo has managed to raise a significant amount of interest among Android users.
It’s also worth pointing out that Google Duo has an average rating of 4.5, which is much better than the rating of Facebook (4.0), Facebook Messenger (3.9), and Snapchat (3.9)
Image Credit: JBKlutse
After a limited initial launch in a number of countries around the world. Google Duo is now available globally.
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