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Targeted Ads for WhatsApp Users

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Whatsapp will be sharing the numbers of their users with their mother company, Facebook. We also noticed that WhatsApp has changed their privacy policy since the take-over in 2014.

Whatsapp will share it’s user detail with Facebook in order to provide “user friendly” ads to their users. This user targeted Ads they argue,  would help improve user experience by providing essential services based on the user’s preferences.

WhatsApp said sharing users’ phone numbers with Facebook would help tackle spam and abuse, as well as offer people “better friend suggestions and more relevant ads”.

Using the data, Facebook will be able to match people who have exchanged phone numbers, but have not added one another as “friends” on the social network.

WhatsApp will also share information about when people last used the service, but said it would not share the contents of messages, which are encrypted. The company said users would be able to opt out of sharing information with Facebook by following the steps outlined on its website.

How can I opt out of data sharing?

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We have also realized that users do not read terms and policies. Company’s are also advised to make terms clear and in no uncertain terms let users know exactly what their information will be used for and not bury relevant information deep in fine print. Users are advised to read careful the terms before accepting to allow their data to be shared.

The company said it would test such messaging features in the coming months, but promised to avoid a “spammy experience” where people are inundated with ads, and said it would not display so-called banner ads in its app.

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