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Samsung set to release GDDR6 in 2018

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During the 43rd ACM/ IEEE AC International Symposium for Computer Architecture (ISCA)  2016 Conference in Seoul Korea, Samsung revealed  that the 6th generation of on-board memory  for high-end graphics card will be released in 2018.

There were serious speculation about the release of this “all-powerful”  memory chip  this year.  But I guess it didn’t come to fruition but will happen  in 2018. Let’s wait and see if Samsung can join graphics giants like Nvidia and AMD who have earlier this year ventured into DDR production.

What is GDDR6?


It stands for Graphics Double Data Rate,a type of Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access (SDRAM) that is designed for higher end graphics processors. Early this year Nvidia and AMD released the GeForce GTX 1060 and Radeon RX 480 which had in them the GDDR.

Rex 480 vs the World - TechHabor
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How Gtx 1060 and RX 480 performed against each other in these games

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According to one of the slides presented during the conference, GDDR6 will offer more than 14 gigabits (Gb) per second of bandwidth, beating out the most recent GDDR5X Micron launched earlier this year with a bandwidth of up to 12Gb per second, and the 10Gb per second offered by vanilla GDDR5 memory. Bandwidth is a term used for describing the speed between the on-board memory and the graphics chip.

Samsung’s version  of the GDDR6 is its power efficiency. Ultimately what this means is,  demanding higher performance out of the graphics card.

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