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Develop Awesome Android Apps Without Coding with MIT App Inventor. 

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Tech industry leaders like Google and MIT are making it easier for users to develop Android Apps without any knowledge in coding probably you need common sense to work your way around stuff and get to developing something worthwhile and positive. To develop an easy and seamless Android App you need the MIT App Inventor.This utility is a browser and cloud based meaning you don’t need to install any software on your computer… Cool right? Definitely.

tech-MIT App Inventor
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MIT App Inventor   is a free and open source tool developed by Google in 2010 and it currently under the maintenance of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

tech-MIT App Inventor
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Now to the exciting part since this tool is open source and cloud based all you need is a login account that is username, email and a password then you are good to go. The tool has an in-built emulator to help you test out what it is you are working on and also an easy to use drag and drop feature to make App development easier. One thing is,  you will be given a beginner’s crush course on how to use the tool and further polish your newly acquired  skill. Get started MIT App Inventor
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