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The sneaker world continues to dip deep into the well of retro reissues and Geeks love Retros. Classics from the 90s, 80s and even earlier are born again and more versatile footwear than ever before. Where some were traditionally worn exclusively with sportswear, now you can pair retro trainers with denim, chinos and even suits when the occasion is right. Here are our top blasts brought back from the past, the best retro kicks.

Reebok Classics Leather


A firm favourite on the terraces of the 90s, the Reebok Classics in leather were a symbol of the Brit pop movement and were one of the first sneaker styles to make the sportswear/culture crossover.

Nike Air Max 90 Woven

nike woven

Designed by creative genius Tinker Hatfield and first released in 1987, who hasn’t owned a pair of Air Max at some point in their lifetime? There has arguably never been a better silhouette for a sneaker. What’s more, the quality of the re-issues over the years have always done the original proud.

Puma Clyde

puma clyde

Like so many of the trainers that have passed the test of time, Puma’s Clyde have been embraced by a number of different sub-cultures. Originally made famous in basketball, they’ve also acquired must-have status in skate and hip-hop circles.

Adidas Stan Smith


As the story goes, the Adidas Stan Smith shoes weren’t actually created for Stan Smith himself, but a French tennis pro called Robert Haillet.

Vans Old Skool


Vans has a regal skating heritage but its shoes were originally designed for boat decks rather than board decks.

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New Balance 574


First released in 1988, the 574 was originally made from leftover 576 material but it’s now New Balance’s signature shoe.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro High


Designed by Peter Moore and first released to the public in March of 1985, the Air Jordan 1 has become the Oregon brand’s most iconic shoe by a mile. The style they gave to Jordan a year before was actually banned by the NBA because the red and black colours violated the on-court dress code.

Adidas Superstar


The iconic Superstar, aka Shell Toe, has been in production since 1969 and was designed as a low-top basketball shoe. Within just a few years, 75% of the NBA had them on their feet but it wasn’t until 1983 when Run-DMC started wearing them that they really took off.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

chuck taylors

The generally accepted definition of a design classic is something that remains aesthetically contemporary over a long period of time. Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Stars are virtually identical to the first style released in 1917.

Asics Gel Lyte III

asics gel lyte iii

Probably the most re-issued sneaker ever created, the Asics Gel-Lyte III has been the darling of collaborations and limited releases ever since it was launched in 1991. Amsterdam’s Patta label were the first to turn their creative hands on to the Gel-Lyte III, which in turn inspired many others to collaborate.

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