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Facebook’s Newest app : Your Camera

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According to Tech Crunch Facebook can’t build everything but after Instagram Stories, they is not easing up on their challenge with Snap Chat and Twitter.

The hot trend in consumer social networking has progressed from text update sharing to gaming to one-off utilities to basic photo sharing to now, when content creativity apps have taken the spotlight. People are tired of sharing the same old picture of their face, food or sunset; they want tools that help them make and share something unique.

Hence, the rise of Dubsmash and Musical.ly for lipsyncing, Periscope and Facebook Live for broadcasting, Prisma and Artisto for reimagining images and Boomerang and Phhhoto for generating GIFs.

Facebook vs Snapchat

The king of these creation tools is Snapchat a single app that tries to do it all. Photos, videos, filters, text, drawing, emoji, Bitmoji, 3D stickers, face swaps and, most memorably, animated selfie lenses.

Snapchat quickly grew its community by offering outlets for creativity no one else had, always staying one step ahead. Its acquisition of Ukrainian object recognition startup Seene spawned the dog face, flower crown and rainbow puke lenses that made Snapchat iconic.

Snapchat popularized easy-to-use creative tools like its selfie lenses Image Credit : Tech Crunch


Already laying groundwork

F8 2016 was dominated by the launches of the Messenger Bot platform and Live video API. But amongst the April conference’s announcements, Facebook released the Profile Expression Kit. It allows you to make special animated or enhanced profile pictures using other apps like MSQRD, Boomerang, Vine, BeautyPlus, Flixel’s Cinemagraph and Lollicam. Mysteriously, we haven’t heard much about the Profile Expression Kit since…

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Facebook gif
Credit: Tech Crunch


Yet with the acquisition of MSQRD, the integration of creativity tools into Facebook’s product seemed inevitable. So when Facebook launched two new camera experiences last week, I pressed their builders about the potential for a camera platform.

Days later, Facebook launched its first MSQRD integration, allowing people in Canada and Brazil to play with Olympic-themed selfie filters. They exist inside the test of what I’ve called the camera feed, which automatically opens a selfie camera at the top of News Feed each time you visit to spur you to shoot and share.

Product Manager Sachin Monga told me “Having this camera inside of Facebook will introduce the opportunity for more sharing options in the future.”

facebook -news-feed
Credit : Tech crunch


Facebook could super-charge these camera experiences with a crowd of developers. In the coming weeks, brace yourself because Facebook will blow your mind

Source : Tech Crunch

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