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Free and Useful Mobile Apps that can make your life easier

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Smartphones have already become an inevitable part of our lives, and that is something one cannot fail to accept. They have revolutionized the way we work, play and communicate with one another, but out of the box they can be somewhat lacking. To unlock your phone’s full potential, you will need to download and install some awesome apps. Tech Habor will be reviewing and posting relevant Free Apps you need every week. So watch this space…

  1. Pro Shot


Even though this is a paid app on both Play Store and App Store it is one of the best cam tools made.

2. Clue – Period Tracker


This is for the ladies,Clue predicts dates for your next period, PMS and the days you’re more or less likely to get pregnant. Are your moods related to your menstrual cycle? Just track in your period diary what you’d like to know more about, and Clue takes care of the rest. The period tracker you’ve been waiting for: Now You Know.Download on App Store and Play Store

3. Google Docs


Create, edit, and collaborate with others on documents from your Android phone or tablet with the free Google Docs app and on App Store. With Google Docs you can:

– Create new documents or edit any that were created on the web or on another device.
– Share documents and work together with others in the same document at the same time.
– Open, edit, and save Microsoft Word documents.
– Get stuff done anytime — even without an internet connection.
– Add and respond to comments.
– Never worry about losing your work — everything is automatically saved as you type.

4. Prisma



Prisma transforms your photos into works of art using the styles of famous artists: Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. A unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you turn memorable moments into timeless art pieces. Download on App Store and Play Store

5. True Caller


See names and photos of people who call, even if they aren’t saved in your phone book. And know when friends are free to talk, making your calling experience smarter and more delightful. Download free on App Store and Play Store

-Always see who’s calling — works for saved contacts and unknown numbers
– Block spam callers and telemarketers
– Search for any name or number
– Make calls directly from the app
– No more unknown numbers in your call history
– See when your friends are free to talk
– Copy a number anywhere (e.g. website or apps) and Truecaller will tell you who it belongs to

6. Keeper®: Free Password Manager


Keeper is the world’s best and most downloaded password manager and secure digital vault. With Keeper you can protect and manage your passwords and other secret information directly from your Android device. Every day millions of people use Keeper to protect their most sensitive and private info, preventing against hackers and data theft. If you are looking for a security app that protects your passwords & photos and keeps your data safe and encrypted: this is for you. Download on App Store and Play Store

7. Money Lover – Money Manager


And my personal favorite Money Lover. Money Lover will help you understand where your money goes, so you can plan to spend more wisely. Forget notebook, pen or excel sheet, you are able to manage your personal and family finance on this phone or tablet. Download free on App Store and Play Store

With this friendly & handy application, you can start to keep track of your spending, plan the budget to save your money up. Money management is intuitive, fun and no stress.

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