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6 Tech No Man Should be Without

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TechHabor explores tech that should be in the homes of every family since tech is part of our everyday lives . These are some of the new tech.

Nest 3rd-Gen Learning Thermostat

You’ve probably already heard of the Nest thermostat. It lets you control the temperature of your home using your phone, so you can make sure you don’t get in from work to an igloo in the evening during the winter months.

It learns from your preferences, too. Adjust the temperature manually for a week and it’ll start making intelligent decisions for you, helping to conserve energy and save you cash. Oh, and it can control your hot water, display the time and temperature and let you know what the weather’s doing outside.


Stack Lighting

With Stack, the world’s first responsive light bulb, you can bid goodbye to the laborious process of turning lights on and off.

Stack bulbs’ motion-detecting sensors are useful. The best thing about them is their ability to respond to ambient light, automatically brightening or dimming to the perfect level of light whether you need a shaft of cool, white light while sipping your morning coffee or a mere golden glow for when you’re kicking back at night.



Sonos Smart Speaker System

A few years ago, the idea that you could walk around your home using just your smartphone to change the music playing from your speakers seemed like the stuff of fantasy. Sonos combines affordability, sound quality and usability into one slick, timelessly stylish speaker.


Smarter iKettle 2.0

Stop wasting time waiting for the kettle to boil; switch it on using your smartphone instead.  Smarter iKettle is the world’s first Wi-Fi kettle, allowing you to boil water with the tap of a touchscreen. It features variable temperature control (a must for tee and coffee nerds), a ‘Keep Warm’ function and a sleek, contemporary stainless steel design that’s a shoo-in for any man’s kitchen. Fancy a brew?

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Withings Smart Body Analyser

Just step on and it’ll display your weight, body fat percentage and heart rate, and then upload the data to your Health Mate smartphone app where you can keep track of your progress with the help of easy-to-understand graphs.


Samsung JS9000 Curved 4k Smart TV

The Samsung JS9000, the curved screen TV that – with the help of Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution  lets you drop yourself right in the middle of the action. Netflix and chill just reached a whole new level.


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