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Dubai to Use Passenger Drone’s For It’s Flying Taxi Services

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Dubai, one of the World’s foremost tourist destinations will start using passenger drone’s as taxi service very soon. This was announced by the Head of the City’s Road and Transportation Agency at the World Government Summit early this year.

This innovation is being introduced on the back of a decree made by ruling family of Dubai, that “a quarter of all journeys in a city state will be autonomous by 2030”.


On Monday, the maiden test run was staged a maiden test flight for one of its potential taxis in a two-seater, 18-rotor unmanned flying vehicle made by German firm Volocopter, which is backed by fellow German company Daimler.

The automated vehicle, which lifts and lands vertically like a helicopter, whisked Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed away for a five-minute flight 200 meters above a patch of sand.

Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

It was a short exhibition, but Dubai and Volocopter ultimately want to be able to offer longer rides that last up to 30 minutes.

They envision a future wherein you’ll be able to hail a flying taxi like an Uber simply book one through an app and wait for it at a nearby “voloport.”

If everything goes well, the passenger drone taxi services could be one of the major transport options  in Dubai within the next five years.

The first of its kind was introduced in Nevada at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in January in Las Vegas.

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