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WhatsApp might introduce an Unsend button

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Have you ever sent a message to a friend, spouse, your boss to make you want to take back or want to press on a rewind button that instant if there was one?  I can relate because I have found myself in this same situation tonnes of times. So anyone who can relate to the above will be absolutely overjoyed with the Christmas miracle that is this next piece of news. WhatsApp might introduce an ‘unsend’ button very soon as seen with Facebook and Instagram.

In my honest opinion I think  this feature should be added to every messaging app there is.

Have you ever been in an awkward situation like drunk texting? For example sending  “I love you to an ex or your girlfriend’s sister or her best friend or your wife’s mum even. It’s kinda funny right? It has happened to you before just admit it.

As Metro reports, reliable WhatsApp news account WABetaInfo tweeted a video which purports to show a hidden feature of a new beta version (not widely available to the public) of the instant messaging app where users can opt to ‘revoke message’ – i.e. recall it before the other person has read it.

It’s actually not clear at this stage, if  this unsend feature will only be available to messages that have been sent but not delivered, or whether unread messages that have been delivered or messages that have already been seen by the recipient will also be eligible to be deleted.

As well as the revoke message button, WABetaInfo’s inside information also suggests the app might soon introduce an ‘edit message’ feature for when you’ve had time to reflect on how harsh/embarrassingly flirty/unnecessarily or too direct  your first message  was and might prompt you to want to go back in and change it.

It’s likely, that if this edit message function does become available for widespread use, the message would be visibly listed as ‘edited’ in the same way an altered Instagram caption or Facebook status is when a user makes changes.

Credit : Digital Spy

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