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Play Instant Games in Facebook Messenger while you wait for friends to text back

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It’s very annoying sometimes to wait during a chat,  just to receive a response and Facebook noticing how freakingly boring this is, has introduced Instant Games in the Facebook Messenger app.


You can play games right in the middle of a conversation.  Ain’t this cool?  It’s awesome. What’s more, in the Facebook Messenger app you can play games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, EverWing, Space Invaders, Track and Field  100M, Galaga, Basketball, etc. The fun part is you can play a game or several with friends and family so no one is left out

This gaming experience will first roll out to 30 countries, and is available for newer iOS and Android operating systems.


People can also discover games within the Messenger search field, or on Facebook News Feed where they can play solo or challenge friends back in Messenger. Games on Messenger are the first to be rolled out on Facebook’s new Instant Games cross-platform gaming experience.


The 1 billion people who use Messenger every month connect, banter and share in so many ways. They do this by sending Stickers when words aren’t enough, tapping on Instant Video to share smiles with Mom after an awesome day, or making a quick voice call to let friends know they’re running late. Now they can connect and compete over their favorite games.


Friendly competitions can be started, utilizing this new feature introduced by Facebook and eventually, Instant Games could earn Facebook ad dollars from developers promoting their games, or a cut of payments, though there are no in-game purchases allowed yet.


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