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Facebook Free Internet in Africa

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Facebook has signed up almost half the countries in Africa a combined population of 635 million  to its free internet service. I think this is a very good move by Facebook but I’m also of the view that because Facebook has a large market and following, they will have monopoly over the growing tech industry with their massive cash inflow. According to the Guardian an issue of digital colonialism with this move

” It is not the first time Facebook has faced challenges to its initiative. In India, Free Basics was effectively banned after a groundswell of support for net neutrality  a principle affirming that what you look at, who you talk to and what you read is ultimately determined by you, not a business. It was a blow for Zuckerberg, who was accused of acting like a digital colonialist: shouting about the right to the internet to mask true profit motives”

Facebook’s co-founder and chairman, Mark Zuckerberg, has made it clear that he wants to connect the whole world to the internet, describing access as a basic human right. His Free Basics initiative, in which mobile users are able to access the site free of data charges, is available in 42 countries, more than half of them in Africa.


Credit: theGuardian.com

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